About the Journal

Journal of Reproducible Research in Business Management (JRRBM) is a double-blind peer reviewed electronic journal with e-ISSN 2788-2578. This is an initiative of Faculty of Business Management, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Motive of JRRBM is to unite the researchers and researches. This OA (open access) journal is setup for the purpose elevating the significance of reproducible research, i.e., to encourage researchers to repeat the same analysis multiple times, at any point in that process to obtain new findings. By JRRBM quality and credible research manuscripts will be published after a thorough scrutiny in content, research process, analysis, writing style and practical contribution either to Government or society or corporate. JRRBM is focused on reproducible researches in Business and Management streams. Business and Management covers a broad area whereby any social science research can be embedded into it. Researches that can enhance or boost the application of social sciences, STEM, arts etcetera are also invited. Blind-review of manuscripts will be done among the review board to sustain the quality of publications.